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KODENKAN of Phoenix is a traditional martial arts dojo located at 17045 N. 29th Avenue, in north Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.   The only reason for the existence of this martial arts school is to repay our indebtedness to our many teachers before us, and to pass down pure martial arts and techniques to the general public.

KODENKAN of Phoenix teaches both fighting and healing arts.  To come full circle as an instructor, one should be able to heal just as effectively as he can kill.

The fighting arts taught consists of DANZAN RYU, Jujitsu, SHORIN RYU, Karate, KOBUDO, Weapon arts.  Healing arts consist of SEIFUKUJITSU, Restorative massage and KAPPO, Resuscitation arts; both are a part of the Danzan Ryu jujitsu system.  REIKI is another healing system that is taught that utilizes the KI, or universal life force energy to effect healing with the laying on of hands.

A wise man learns to fight to never fight, as it is far better to sweat in peacetime than it is to bleed in war.  Martial arts are not as mystical as is portrayed in movies or on the television.  Martial arts techniques work for one reason, and that is that the practitioner has learned the kihon, or basic skills, and spent countless hours and years in perfecting those techniques.  After the practitioner has then grasped the proper concepts and has some mastery of those techniques, they then move on to learn more advanced techniques and continually practice and refine their techniques.  This also  includes practicing their basic techniques concurrently.

The only proper reason to study the martial arts is for the perfection of one's inner character, and the martial arts are not to be ever used for the wrong reasons.  We are living in adverse times, as evidenced by the horrific events of September 11, 2001.  To know your enemy, you must first truly know yourself.

Modern society has taught most American men that is it a sign of weakness to be gentle in their dealings with their fellow man, this is wrong as it is the gentle man who is the strongest by far.  Conversely, there could be times when a superior show of force or martial skills is totally necessary in order to save your life, and/or that of a loved one.

It is therefore our humble opinion that we choose to be gentle, if allowed.  Should the need dictate, we are then ready to do whatever is required of us to be totally victorious in battle because we have practiced so many long repetitive hours to become efficient in our martial skills and techniques.

To become a good martial artist only requires these simple words...practice, more practice and yet, again, more practice.  Never stop practicing as your life could depend on your knowledge and the martial skills you've acquired.


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